Digital optical phase conjugation generalized in integrated optics

Claver Havyarimana

  • Journal Manager
Keywords: Planar waveguide, integrated optics,, digital optical phase conjugation


Planar waveguide-based digital optical phase conjugation (DOPC) is investigated and generalized in backward and forward direction. Theoretical investigation based on reciprocity of an optical path principle is followed by finite difference time domain (FDTD) numerical simulations. By an appropriate design, multimode interferometer and reflected Bragg grating are used here, it is shown that DOPC allows to reconstruct the light field at the place where the light is inputted for backward direction and at the corresponding port in forward direction. Devices designed on DOPC would be of high performance as the one dimensional distribution shows.

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Manager, J. (2022). Digital optical phase conjugation generalized in integrated optics. Journal of the University of Burundi, 32(1), 20-29. Retrieved from

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